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Find below stories and Journeys of people who have suffered Mental Health Illnesses. You may be able to relate to what they have to say. If you would like to share your story then get in contact with us.

Fliss Goldsmith - Postnatal Anxiety


Check out this great article writte about Postnatal Anxiety written by Fliss Goldsmith. Sit down with a cuppa and take note to the points mentioned if you suffer from anxiety

Anon -Depression and Anxiety


I have lived with poor mental health for as long as i can remember. Resulting in my first panic attack on a school trip to france on the ferry. I never realised what that was until 10 years later though as i just hid all my anxiety worries etc never told a soul for fear of being labelled weak patethic silly ... after my 1st child i had postnatal depression and went on to have counselling and CBT cbt is the best ever would choose this over counselling anytime as i found counselling made me feel worse where as the cbt made me feel more in control. I am on citalopram 10mg dosage and i would happily live on these forever as they allow me to live a little of my life. I still struggle with bad days where my head feels foggy. I have never slept well in my whole life so im easily tired and irritable but my husband is my rock he is the only person who truly understands me. And im so greatful to have my life. So basically im 35 and i live with depression and anxiety which limits my life but i at least i do live now more than i did before i met my husband . I cope with medication cbt and support from my husband and 1 true friend who never judges me. I manage to run a house look after 2 children and work part time although i do get exhausted i carry on regardless .


Jaimeleigh Jordan -Depression


I'm battling depression, there was a time where i was extremely low. I wanted to end it all and even tried to. But there was this one doctor who made me see that I shouldn't value my life so low and should stay strong. I felt alone but slowly i came to realise that I wasn't alone even strangers helped pull me out of the hole i was in. I still have bad days but i am now opening up more about my mental illness and it helps. For me a task as easy as painting a wall is now doable, even cleaning was a challenge but now i can do it because it makes me feel good. I think for people with mental health they need to find that one thing that brings them joy even if its as mundane as cleaning


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